lundi, mars 31, 2008

Berliner Tandem, 2.4.2008, in Kreuzberg

Hallo zusammen!

Am kommenden MITTWOCH, dem 2.4.2008, trifft sich der Stammtisch in Kreuzberg an einem schönen Platz nahe der Bergmannstraße. Treffpunkt ist

um 20:30 Uhr im
Joe Peñas Cantina y Bar (
Marheinekeplatz 3/4
10961 Berlin - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
U7 Gneisenaustraße

Ein Tisch für "Tandem" reserviert. Wer uns nicht kennt, kann an der Bar fragen, wo wir sitzen.

Wer interessierte Freunde oder Bekannte hat, ist herzlich eingeladen, sie mitzubringen :-)

Alles Gute und viel Spaß am MITTWOCH (künftig ohne mich) !


Tandem-Stammtisch Franco-Allemand:
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- für Ankündigungen, Verabredungen etc.
neu - die Mailingliste:
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According to China sufficient assist convention, the punishment that resembles event of this kind of trample is quite heavy, on team of sports season Shenzhen a player is stopped to surpass 6 because of baleful trample adversary. Whether does this movement of Liu Bofei belong to ill will to foul for clearer judgement, the reporter contacted judgment of level of a state last night, he expresses after had watched video: "Liu Bofei has an avoided idea really at that time, but at the same time right leg also has an outspread action, will look to be shown from this bit it is normal that red shop sign is belonged to. Additional, to whether belonging to ill will to foul, union the case on field looks at that time, should not calculate, but this still needs China the kinescope of each seat numbers has enough harmonious market analysis. But this still needs China the kinescope of each seat numbers has enough harmonious market analysis..
It is reported, should be worth advocate cut into parts already wrote incident of this one trample into competition report. China is sufficient assist will hand in after Zhou Yi receives a report handle by commission of league matches discipline, liu Bofei faces many punishment that bans contest probably.

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